Frank Hampus Weslien

Timeline: Trying to break the internet!

Hello, people of the internet!

Most likely you stumbled upon this page from playing my game timeline in which case: welcome! I hope you enjoy the game and that you learn something new about the history of the world. For you that didn’t come from the game, I hope you will enjoy the game as well! It’s a fun little project I made where you can learn about the history of the world in a fun and interactive way by guessing the order of historical events.

How would a simple web game break the internet you might ask? Well, it probably won’t. But I do believe I have a unique insight.

The web, and especially large social media websites like Reddit, is organized into sub-cultures. For example, there is a specific sub on Reddit for pretty much every country. The Swedish sub is called r/sweden and has as of writing 0.7 million members. There is pretty much an infinite number of these subs and they all have their own rules and culture. The insight is that I can create a unique version of the timeline for each of these subs. This would make the game more engaging and also make it more likely that the game would be shared and played by the users of the sub. This is the idea of breaking the internet. In a world of infinite fractal communities, I can create a unique version of the timeline for each of them.

Right now I’m only two days into the project and I have already created a basic version. I’m excited to see where this project will take me and I hope you will follow along!

You can play timeline here: timeline